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login for camera? – Ubiquiti Community

Jul 21, 2019 — You’ll need the camera password, which is available in UniFi Video or Protect’s settings page on the old NVR where they were adopted. If you no longer have this …

direct login to the camera – Ubiquiti Community

Yes, just go to camera IP, login using default login and password (ubnt:ubnt) and you can do it from there. 0.

Unifi Protect Webpage Login for Camera – Ubiquiti Community

I created a account and assigned the cameras and role to the account and tried that username and password but have had no sucess getting it to login. I search …

Camera access recordings – login UniFi Video

Browse to camera ip nr:, login is ubnt , password is what you found in cameras.json. Or login in Unifi Protect , go to Settings > Advanced. there you find …

Local camera login credentials and SSH … – Ubiquiti Community

I am trying to connect to a local camera through web interface (IP adress). Greeted with a login page but my unifi account name or email does not work with …

Camera Login After Protect adoption – Ubiquiti Community

I have accessed the device password which I assume is the password for each camera after adoption and have been using the username “ubnt”.

Default Password for Cameras? – Ubiquiti Community

Coomacheek is correct once adopted by Protect the username will always be ubnt and the password will be the one under settings when you select reveal under …

Direct Camera login with Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus

… to login in directly to managed cameras by accessing the individual camera IP address when the cameras are managed by the Cloud Key with Unifi Protect?

How do I find my UVC G4 PRO camera password

I have their direct IP address, and am now also trying to log into Unifi Video on those IP Addresses. What is the login and password? Or where would I find this …

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