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Gallbladder. Tenderness and guarding in the right hypochondrium exacerbated by inspiration (Murphy sign) suggests acute cholecystitis (see Chapter 33).

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In medicine, Murphy’s sign (also known as Sweeney’s sign) is a maneuver during a physical examination as part of the abdominal examination. … It is useful for …

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by M Cadogan · Cited by 1 — The most characteristic and constant sign of gall-bladder hypersensitiveness is the inability of the patient to take a full, deep inspiration, …

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by JF Simeone · 1989 · Cited by 117 — The pathologic reports were studied to determine the presence of perforation of the gallbladder, fibrosis, adhesions, necro- sis, and gangrenous cholecystitis.

Murphy’s sign is elicited in patients with acute cholecystitis by asking the patient to take in and hold a deep breath while palpating the right subcostal area. John Benjamin Murphy in 1903

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Sep 20, 2021 — Sonographic Murphy sign is defined as maximal abdominal tenderness from pressure of the ultrasound probe over the visualized gallbladder 1,2 …

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Sonographic Murphy sign | Radiology Reference Article |

The patient experiences pain/tenderness sufficient to cause an abrupt halt in inspiration (normally occurs toward the end of inspiration) and acute …

Sonographic Murphy sign is defined as maximal abdominal tenderness from pressure of the ultrasound probe over the visualized gallbladder 1,2. It is a sign of local inflammation around the gallbladder along with right upper quadrant pain, tenderne…

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Murphy’s Sign: Physical Exam

by MB Carroll · 2000 — 1 Patients with acute cholecystitis experience discomfort with the Murphy’s sign maneu- ver because the inflamed gallbladder descends toward the examiner’s …

Murphy’s sign is a physical exam finding in a patient presented with right upper quadrant pain or tenderness and can be suggestive of the cholecystitis.

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Murphy’s Law: What Can Go Wrong in the Gallbladder

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